Self Portrait — 2022

About Me...

Drawing has been a passion of mine since I was little.  I always loved art class, but didn’t discover my talent for drawing people until high school.  There I explored many different mediums, but my favorite was always pencil and paper.  

Afraid of becoming a “starving artist”, I went to college for a more practical degree.  Drawing remained a hobby though, something that I loved to get lost in when I had the free time. 

I worked on portraits whenever I could, taking commissions here and there, always seeming to find time to squeeze one in.  When the pandemic hit, I was suddenly home full time with my two young boys. 

I was still pursuing other job prospects, but with the love and support of my partner, I pushed the self-doubt aside and have launched head first into turning my continual love for drawing portraits into a career.  

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